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Inner Wisdom Gong Bath

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Click here to listen to and see the Inner Wisdom video.Videographer Ken Rinehart and myself have been working to put together a video that many of you have asked about. This was completed at the end of 2020. For those that want to watch as well as listen, you will be able see what’s going on behind the gongs. This should offer a whole new perspective for many of you. This experience can be enhanced by listening with good headphones or over a nice sound system. Be aware not to start with the volume too high as it will get louder in various portions. Efforts were made to record this with higher quality sound and video.We are offering to view this for free however if you do wish to donate, donations will be gratefully accepted via PayPal at or you can contact me directly at my email for other options. 

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This is a video we did in June of 2019 measuring a participant's brainwaves via an EEG sensor. I go into more detail below as to what the different brainwaves mean.

I have intentionally left out the specific frequencies of each of the brainwaves due to minor discrepancies relating to where they start and stop. Please feel free to check online or with texts that you have had experience with and trust. these are list from highest to lowest frequencies.

Gamma Waves: Gamma waves are the fastest of the brainwaves. They allow us to simultaneously process information from different brain areas. These are the most subtle of brainwaves and the mind must be quiet to access them.

For a long time, Gamma were dismissed as spare brain noise. Researchers discovered that Gamma waves are active when in states of universal love and higher virtues. There is speculation that Gamma rhythms modulate consciousness and perception. This could mean that a greater presence of Gamma helps in our spiritual practices and expanding our consciousness.

Beta Waves: Beta pretty much controls our normal waking state when dealing with cognitive functions and the outside world. Beta generally have a frequency of 14 HZ and greater and are considered “fast”. Generally regarded as a normal rhythm and is dominant when we are alert or have our eyes open. Used while thinking analytical problems and decision making.

Alpha Waves: Alpha waves are dominant during quiet thoughts, even some meditative states. Alpha waves are you being present. They can assist with many things including calmness, learning and mind/body integration. Alpha waves appear to bridge the conscious and the subconscious.

Theta Waves: Theta brainwaves are “slow” activity. They can work in connection with creativity and intuition and hold space for memories and sensations. When we are Theta we go more inward and focus on things coming from within instead of the external.Theta is believed to reflect activity from the limbic system and hippocampus. It is also the state between being awake and sleep.

Reviews on Future Ancestors

Future Ancestors is a brilliant CD.  I have been listening to only one other artist who performs ‘Gong Baths’ and I was concerned what I would do if he would suddenly retire who would take his place?  Well I am confident that if that ever happens Gregg will certainly fill his shoes.  One thing that I noticed right away was the richness and depth of the recording which I really appreciated considering I was listening to his CD on a Hi Res Audio player along with higher end headphones and his work did not disappoint.  I have attended many ‘Gong Baths’ in person and always hoped I could capture the same energy in a recording and believe I have found this portal.  Gregg is well on his way to becoming a master healer with his gifted talents.  Please keep the vibrations coming.  I look forward to his next CD.

Michael B.  Chicago

I've been listening to your "Future Ancestors" album for a year now while combining it with my conscious work and must say that it's better than any of the tibetan sound groups albums in my collection.  You are a musical genius both in the creation of the sounds but also with the quality of sound data that comes off of the CD, comparable to that of your live concerts that I've attended.  Time permitting, it's most enjoyable to begin and end each day with the gongs to improve relationships and repair stressors acquired that day, like a conscious detox.  Your album has allowed me to access states of consciousness never available before, a very nice deep, mid, and high with a nice integration and balance of frequencies.  In a busy society that takes a toll on one's spiritual path, your music facilitates one's path of least resistance cost effectively.  It works with the body and spirit's desire to clear toxic patterns and thought forms with the goal of returning to its totally perfected essence. 

Thank you for your dedication as a brilliant artist.

Joseph Mogan, MD 

"Future Ancestors is a delight. Deep harmonics. A brilliant sonic landscape which has both width and depth. Gregg Wilkins' compositional skills keep the listener not only interested in what's coming up next, but fully engaged in the entire piece. I recommend listening to this music on decent speakers if possible. Not only will you hear the entire sonic spectrum being played, but you will also be able to feel the vibrations with your whole body. Some "healing" type music efforts I've heard are just OK. Not this CD - it's terrific!"

                                                    Michael Freemire/Harmonic Healer

Future Ancestors

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 This video contains clips from a Gong Bath done in April, 2012 giving the viewer an idea of some of the possibilities that can be achieved with the gongs.                                              


This is a recording done during a live performance. It has been converted to a 128kbps  mp3 recording and abridged from the original WAV file. The original WAV. file is available upon request.

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